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Tosoh Finechem Corporation, a leading international manufacturer,
produces a wide array of basic building block chemicals based on
our strategic position in organometallic and halogenated chemistries.
Our products are used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, general chemical synthesis,
paint manufacture, specialized rubbers, surfactant applications,
organic light-emitting diode (OLED) manufacture, water purification,
and various other industrial applications.


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    Various organometallic compounds, mainly alkyl aluminum,used as
    catalysts for the polymerization of polyolefins and synthetic rubbers,
    electronic materials, and others.

    High Purity Organic Metals
    Other organometallic compounds
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    A wide range of fluorine-containing compounds based on fluorination
    technology using hydrogen fluoride (HF) and derivatization technology
    using tetrafluoroethylene (

    CF3 Compounds
    CF2 Compounds
    Other fluorine compounds
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    Based on a stable supply of bromine (Br2) and hydrogen bromide gas (HBr) from Tosoh Corporation, Tosoh Finechem produces various compounds
    used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and electronics.

    Alkyl bromide
    Bromo chloroalkane
    Styrene derivatives 
    Other bromine compounds
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    With an overwhelming share of the global market, SPINOMAR® NaSS
    (Sodium p-styrene sulfonate) is used in a variety of applications.
    We also manufacture photoresist monomers using our proprietary
    Grignard’s method.

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      Electronic Materials
      We provide various products such as photoresist monomers and etching gases in the field of electronic materials - where high quality is required - by leveraging our core halogen and organometallic chemistry technologies.
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      Polymerization Catalysts
      These include alkyl aluminum and aluminoxane, which are indispensable as polymerization catalysts (co-catalysts) for polyolefins and synthetic rubbers.
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      Materials for Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals
      We have a diverse lineup of bromine compounds used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, including alkyl bromides, bromo chloro alkenes, and other high-purity branched alkyl bromides.
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      Functional Materials
      Our proprietary functional materials, such as new surface modifiers that are based on the water and oil repellency which are functions of organo-fluorine compounds, have been highly evaluated in various applications.



CF3I, a CFC substitute material for global warming, has been put to practical use through a joint project with NEDO.


About Tosoh Finechem

    Our Strengths

    Tosoh Finechem is a globally distinctive company with core technologies in halogen and organometallic chemistry. In addition to manufacturing technologies, Tosoh Finechem possesses extensive knowledge in handling and transportation to ensure a safe and stable supply of its products to countries around the world.

  • R&D

    R&D Policy and Strategy

    With the aim of creating functional chemicals based on our unique technologies, we have established a structure that swiftly handles everything from molecular design to product commercialization to enable us to take on the challenge of technological innovation and the expansion of technological domains.